Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Connect2.

Q. What is Connect2?

Connect2 is a free application that lets you shift content between smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

Q. Do I need cables, bluetooth, or an active WiFi network nearby to connect to other devices?

No, you can simply connect using your device WiFi radio directly to the other device (phone, tablet or PC). This avoids any mobile network charges.

Q. How does Connect2 transfer files without a network connection?

Connect2 uses a WIFI LAN technology or a WIFI Peer-2-Peer technology called SoftAP which creates a personal network your devices can connect to in order to send or receive files.

Q. Do you need a cell phone carrier mobile data plan to use Connect2?

You do not! Connect2 can directly connect your devices using your phone’s WIFI radio.

Q. Does Connect2 work with iOS?

Connect2 does not work with iOS currently, but that feature is in consideration for a future release.

Q. What type of files can I shift?

Any file at all: documents, photos, music, videos, and even apps.

Q. Is there a limit on the size of a file I can shift?

No, but very large files will take longer to shift.

Q. Can I shift a whole folder at a time?

Yes, select the folder you want to send in the file picker menu. Connect2 will shift the whole folder for you.

Q. Can I use Connect2 on all Android and Windows systems?

You can use Connect2 on Android 4.4 and newer and Windows 7 and above.

Q. Does Connect2 fail to pair your phone with your PC?

Some Android devices cannot establish connections over 5Ghz networks. This is a limitation of the Android operating system on certain models of phones and tablets. Please make sure your PC and Android device are both connected to a 2.4Ghz network.

Q. Can other Connect2 users connect to my device and start shifting files without my approval?

No, you must accept their connection invitation before they can start shifting files with you. Only if you trust a Connect2 user’s device, can Connect2 begin to transfer a file without you having to accept the transfer.

Q. How can I get the latest Connect2 updates?

Connect2 will automatically check for the latest updates.

Q. Why can’t I transfer files even though I am successfully connected?

Try updating Connect2 to its latest version or moving to an area that may have less interference.

Q. Why aren’t my music and video files playing properly?

Connect2 uses the player in the phone to play the received music and videos. So the phone must have the appropriate player to support this music and video format. The best solution is to download an appropriate player.

Q. Where are the received files stored, post transfer?

For PC:  Downloads > Connect2

For Android:  SD card > Download > Connect2

Q. How can users submit feedback on Connect2?

In the “Menu Dropdown” section of the Connect2 Windows application there is a link to submit ‘Feedback’. Please note that we cannot respond to all the feedback we receive.

Q. Error message: Fail to parse the installation package

Your Connect2 download may be corrupt. Please download and re-install Connect2.

Q. What’s a hotspot?

Connect2 can launch your phone’s mobile WIFI hotspot. This feature, Everywhere Access allows another device to use your phone’s internet connection. Please be aware this may result in additional data charges from your carrier. Everywhere Access will stop when you close Connect2.

Q. What’s the benefit of using secure mode over easy mode?

When you want to connect to another user securely, Secure Mode requires that user to enter a password. The password tells Connect2 to encrypt the transmission between users and devices, making your information more secure.

Q. Why does Connect2 use a QR code to connect your personal phone?

QR codes are used worldwide to encrypt information, so that other devices can scan that code and use that information for a variety of purposes. Connect2 uses the QR to make a secure connection between your PC and your phone, and contains enough information to “bind” your phone to your PC, so that your phone will always be recognized by your PC.

Q: What is the difference between “unpair” and “disconnect”?

A: Disconnect, temporarily disconnects your two devices from each other. When you unpair your devices they will no longer recognize each other nor auto-connect when in proximity.

Q: How does Connect2 work without a router?

A: The app requires the wifi radio to be on for each device. The app does not require the radios to be connected to a router. The app can create a SoftAP p on the PC to connect when a router is not present.